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Welcome to my world of tardigrades

Welcome to my world of tardigrades

Tardigrades are microscopical invertebrates less than one millimeter in length. They inhabit mosses, lichens, litter, humus, algae and detritius in limnic and marine environments and their distribution is worldwide. Tardigrades need a film of water that surrounds their body - therefore they are also known for their ability to enter a cryptobiotic stage when the surroundings are less favorable for life activities.

So far, more than 1000 species have been described - but many more are expected to be found when different habitats and geographical areas have been more thoroughly studied. My own research interests are focused on the taxonomy and distribution of Norwegian species. Norway can be divided into a wide variety of habitats for tardigrades, from coastal climate to high mountain regions, as well as arctic tundra far up in North. Hopefully a rich tardigrade fauna will be unearthed in years to come.

Slides from my collection can be loaned for scientific studies and comparison - just follow the link to Slide collection to see which species I have registered.

Do also look into my review of tardigrade Bibliography and let me know if there are any articles missing.

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